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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

As 2019 approaches, digital marketing has grown in a dramatic way with SEO, social media marketing, PPC, content marketing. A few years back artificial intelligence and the visual search was seeing in science fiction films only but that time has gone long.

Now digital marketing has been increasing for its demands by companies as it provides their business more and also getting popularity for them. As the world is going digital, digital marketing has become the best marketing source. To get succeed in digital marketing we need to get up to date because the things worked last year may not work this year, As there are many current high tech trends and strategies for digital marketing. So it is providing a business era for companies. We can check out the new trends in the digital market.

Artificial Intelligence

We all know that artificial intelligence means that a computer will perform tasks which required human intelligence like speech recognization, decision making etc.

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But today digital marketing is coming with this artificial intelligence and it is rocking the digital world. AI is analyzing consumers searches and their patterns of interest, by analyzing this it will easy for marketing by targeting the right consumers. For example, if you are typing for shoes in google you will get advertisements related to shoes. So AI in 2019 is getting adopted by business as they can bring growth and cost for their firm, also bring their competitors down.


This is an AI technology which is an important part of 2019 digital market. As we see it provides a 24 hrs service to the consumers regarding their questions.

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Due to its responding nature, many people like to get the chat with them. Almost 80 % of business will be become chatbots by 2020 or planning to shift to it. As the customers were really happy about chatbots because it never loses its patience and gives answers properly.

Programmatic Advertising

Here programmatic advertising is also done by the help of AI. So we can set a specific target audience for the ad, by doing this way we can provide highly efficient and fast marketing. We can also get these programmatic ads by real-time biddings or auctions.

programmatic advertising-sem course training
By this, we can understand one thing the face of marketing is changing.

So by 2020, every ad will be in a programmatic and it will be getting the maximum number of customers other than the normal ad.

Video Marketing

Next trend is video marketing and live videos are mainly getting more popularity other than all. Don’t just think only about youtube, we can also market live broadcast video through social media like facebooks, Instagram or LinkedIn. The customers are more satisfied with video marketing than any other marketing as it will get more clarification. When a company’s new product is published then video marketing is the best as the customers can get influenced by seeing. Customers are sharing these videos and it will provide more popularity for the products.

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In SERP youtube and other videos are also showing, so video SEO is also important.

As we all know the trends are changing very fastly with the digital world, there is an enormous opportunity of digital marketers. Those who seek to become digital marketer it’s a good option to take digital marketing training courses, One team provide the best professional training from the working experts. You can work with live projects and change from a beginner to an expert within the course time. Our training includes SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, Content writing, etc. For more details visit our website: One Team Solutions

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